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The interactive map below gives you all the information you need to get out on water managed by Hydro Tasmania.

By hovering over a marker on the map its name will appear. Click on the marker to open a plot of the latest water information.

Use the key to choose what information you would like to see on the map.


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Understanding units

Flow is generally reported as mega litres per day (ML/day),  1,000 ML/day is equivalent to 11.57 cubic metres per second (cumecs).


River flows and lake levels can change rapidly in Tasmania, because of rainfall and inflows throughout the state and the operational requirements of hydropower stations.

Hydro Tasmania is unable to guarantee or provide predictions about river flows or lake levels.

People using rivers and lakes for recreation should exercise caution.

For up to date information on flood warnings in Tasmania please visit the Bureau of Meteorology’s Tasmanian flood warning centre.

If you wish to make a special request for a water release read the guidelines and make a request here >

We support recreational pursuits on the rivers and lakes that we manage, and support you in taking responsibility for your own safety read more here >

You can view the original Lake Levels list here and the Water Flow and Levels list here