We're proud to be Australia's largest generator of clean renewable energy. We pride ourselves on being champions for a sustainable future, as well as champions for Tasmania. 

Our power stations

We've led clean energy innovation in Australia - building more than 50 major dams, 30 power stations and two major wind farms.

Renewable energy

We harness the renewable forces of hydropower and wind energy to power Tasmania and trade on the National Electricity Market.

What is the NEM?

We trade renewable energy on the National Electricity Market via the Basslink interconnector - providing returns for Tasmania.

Secure energy

Hydropower is one of the most secure and reliable forms of clean energy. You can now monitor energy security for yourself.

Battery of the Nation

Tasmania has a crucial role to play in Australia’s clean energy transition. The Battery of the Nation initiative looks at how we can lock in energy security and low power prices for Tasmanians and deliver even more reliable, clean energy to the national electricity market.

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Powering Bass Strait islands

We have the responsibility and privilege of supplying safe, reliable and affordable electricity on King and Flinders islands. In doing so, we support crucial Tasmanian brands and industries, and a special way of life. Our world-leading technology has reduced the two islands' dependence on diesel, and made them about two-thirds renewably powered.

Hybrid Energy Solutions

We're busy turning isolated Australian communities into clean energy leaders. They're benefitting from lower costs and a sustainable reputation. Our innovative technology is driving a renewable revolution, with global potential. Find out how Hydro Tasmania innovation can work for you.

Tasmanian contract pricing

Most Tasmanian homes and businesses pay a regulated price for electricity, through the local retailer, Aurora Energy, but some large power users get electricity through direct wholesale contracts with Hydro Tasmania.

We play an important role in supporting the Tasmanian economy, and seek to make our wholesale pricing and contract system as fair, efficient and user-friendly as possible. 

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