We take pride in supporting the activities Tasmanians and visitors love, and many of our lakes and lagoons are popular for fishing, boating and other activities. River and lake levels can change quickly, and users should be cautious. Before setting out, it's important to check water levels below, and plan your trip accordingly.

Lake levels

Lake Metres from full Comment
Trevallyn Pond0.00Spilling
North West-9999.00
Lake Mackenzie0.00Spilling
Lake Rowallan0.00Spilling
Lake Parangana0.00Spilling
Lake Cethana0.00Spilling
Lake Barrington0.00Spilling
Lake Gairdner0.00Spilling
Lake Paloona0.00Spilling
Central Plateau-9999.00
Lake Augusta0.00Spilling
Arthurs Lake1.03
Great Lake12.39
Little Pine Lagoon0.00Spilling
Shannon Lagoon0.00Spilling
Penstock Lagoon0.00Spilling
Woods Lake0.61
Upper Derwent Valley-9999.00
Lake St Clair0.99
Lake King William0.25
Lake Echo5.24
Dee Lagoon0.00Spilling
Pine Tier Lagoon0.00Spilling
Bronte Lagoon0.09
Laughing Jack Lagoon1.14
Lake Liapootah0.16
Lower Derwent Valley-9999.00
Wayatinah Lagoon0.00Spilling
Lake Catagunya0.00Spilling
Lake Repulse0.00Spilling
Cluny Lagoon0.00Spilling
Meadowbank Lake 0.00Spilling
West Coast-9999.00
Lake Burbury1.64
Lake Margaret0.00Spilling
Whitespur Pond1.05
Lake Newton0.00Spilling
Lake Plimsoll0.29
Lake Murchison0.00Spilling
Lake Mackintosh0.00Spilling
Lake Rosebery0.00Spilling
Lake Pieman0.00Spilling
South West-9999.00
Lake Pedder0.11
Lake Gordon22.60
Last Updated: 19/08/2018 12:29:56(EST) -9999.00
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