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Integration solutions

Our solutions are developed, tested and deployed on our own remote power systems. We're experienced at integrating a wide range of renewable generation sources with a wide variety of enabling technologies. 

Our hybrid solutions are designed as utility grade power systems, typically with peak loads of greater than 250 kW, up to multi-megawatt systems. We offer solutions for low to very high (100%) renewable energy contribution.

Our utility-grade solutions are ideally suited to remote and island communities, mining and industrial settings and embedded networks (grid augmentation/fringe of grid/network support).

Embedded network solutions

Hydro Tasmania’s hybrid energy control system can be configured for embedded network and fringe of grid applications. Delivering seamless aggregated control of distributed energy resources, enabling technology batteries, and flywheels combined with demand-side management provide firm renewable energy. This configuration is ideally suited to:  

  • Residential and community embedded networks 

  • Grid augmentation and providing network support 

  • Fringe of grid applications 

Scalable, modular solutions

To minimise the cost and time associated with deployment Hydro Tasmania has designed “plug and play” enabling systems: modular scalable units that “plug in” to your existing diesel station to form the core of your new hybrid power system. Read more in our Flinders Island case study. 

The key to a secure and reliable hybrid system is the enablers, supporting the renewables to maximise their contribution while maintaining security of supply. The solution we develop for you will include a range of enablers. 

HYD HES icons 82px x 82px_Hybrid Control System
Hybrid power system controller – coordinates and dispatches generation and manages enabling technologies automatically to ensure reliable power and maximise diesel fuel savings. Learn more >
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Battery energy storage systems – battery systems designed to improve power quality and maximise renewable energy contribution. Available in modular containerised configurations. Learn more >

HYD HES icons Solar
Specialist integration of solar PV and wind – these are directly integrated with the hybrid control system, either centralised or distributed, and support greater use of variable solar and wind generation, while maintaining grid stability and power quality.
HYD HES icons Dynamic Resistor
Dynamic resistor – converts excess renewable energy into fast-response spinning reserve, stabilising system frequency and maintaining thermal generation at a more efficient constant load. Learn more >
HYD HES icons 82px x 82px_Flywheel
Flywheel – a diesel uninterruptible power supply unit that enhances system security at high levels of renewable contribution, providing power system inertia and ancillary services, to ride through renewable variability. Learn more >
HYD HES icons 82px x 82px_Demand side management
Real-time demand response – dynamic aggregated control of discrete customer loads with the ability to match system demand to available renewable supply. Learn more >
HYD HES icons Remote data
Remotely accessible live data – we offer web and smart phone based operator and customer portals allowing operators real-time remote monitoring and visibility of your power system. 
HYD HES icons Switchgear
Switchgear and communications modules – all the necessary equipment to connect the renewables and enablers to your power system.
HYD HES icons 82px x 82px_Biodiesel
Biodiesel - By implementing biodiesel, Green House Gas emissions can be substantially reduced. A number of trials were undertaken at the King Island Advanced Hybrid Power Station in order to prove operation of biodiesel in existing diesel engines. Learn more >

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