New connections

Step 1: provide your details

Provide us with the technical specifications of your new connection


Step 2: our assessment

We will visit your site to see what needs to be done to establish your connection. We will work out if your connection can be added directly to the network as it is or if we need to add an extension to the distribution network. This information will affect the time and cost of your connection.

We can then quote on the materials required and the cost of your connection.

New connections up to 25kVA have a fixed base cost, with an additional charge per kVA over 4.5kVA. Installations above 25kVA are charged the cost of materials, labour, overheads, delivery and the related costs of setting up new infrastructure plus an additional 15% to cover ongoing maintenance and service costs. The current cost of connection fees is set out in the electricity tariffs.

We will send you a Letter of Offer showing the amount your new connection will cost. You need to sign the letter of offer, and return it.


Step 3: electrical work

You can now ask your electrical contractor (who must hold Tasmanian Electrical Contractor’s License) to perform the work required for your new connection. Once your electrical contractor finishes work on your site they must send Electrical Works Request (EWR) and Certificate of Electrical Compliance (CEC) forms to

The EWR and CEC are required by law and must be lodged before we can connect your premises.

If equipment owned by you needs to be fitted to a Hydro Tasmania asset, your electrical contractor will also need to complete an Indemnity for installation of private assets on Hydro Tasmania poles form (349 KB PDF).

For example, if the supply of electricity to your premises is underground, your metering unit is fitted directly to the Hydro Tasmania pole. In this situation, you own and are responsible for the supply cable and metering unit and you are required to indemnify Hydro Tasmania by lodging the form.


Step 4: payment and finalisation of works

After we receive your signed Letter of Offer, you will receive an invoice for the cost of the new connection. If changes to the network are required, we will order the materials. Once your invoice has been paid, we will schedule works to complete the new connection in line with the Tasmanian Electricity Code rules.

Alterations and additions


When you renovate or make changes to the power supply at your home, you may need us to make changes to the energy meter or the connection point. This might include:

  • temporarily disconnecting the power supply to your home so that repairs can be made to fascia boards
  • changing your electricity supply from overhead to underground  
  • changing your connection from three phase to single phase.

Minor changes


An electrical contractor with a Tasmanian Electrical Contractor’s License must do the work on your property. When they have finished, they need to submit an Electrical Works Request (EWR) to so we know that work is required at your property.

We will aim to complete the work within 10 business days, but there may be delays if:

  • parts need to be ordered and brought to the island
  • extreme weather events occur
  • there are unplanned outages.

You will be notified as soon as possible if it will take longer than 10 business days.

Hydro Tasmania will charge you for work you request and the charges will be on the next energy bill you receive after the work has been completed.

Major changes

To make large-scale changes to your energy supply connection, for example changing from single phase to three phase, you need to follow the new connection process. Your electrical contractor will be able to advise you on this.