Electrical Works Request (EWR) submission process


To perform electrical work in Tasmania you must hold a current Tasmanian Electrical Contractors License.

Electrical Work Request Form (EWR's) can be submitted directly to the BSImailbox@hydro.com.au mailbox.

Processing time will commence once the BSImailbox@hydro.com.au mailbox has received  the relevant  paperwork.

To ensure we deliver a high level of service to our customers, we need to be able to track all EWR paperwork. Therefore, we will not accept:

  • The old Aurora Energy template
  • EWRs handed directly to our field staff
  • Emailed EWRs to any email address other than that listed above
  • Incomplete documentation, without all applicable information (NMI and CEC numbers)
  • Interstate EWRs. Under Electrical Legislation it is not permissible to accept interstate documentation.

If you have any questions regarding this process please email us at BSImailbox@hydro.com.au

If you require a new CEC booklet please contact TechSafe.