As champions of a clean energy future, we're helping Australian communities replace fossil-fuel generators with renewable energy. Our Hybrid Energy Systems team are national leaders at helping isolated communities reduce their dependence on diesel and embrace clean sources like wind and solar.

Success stories

Our Hybrid Energy Solutions has already delivered ground-breaking results on King Island, Flinders Island, Rottnest Island (Western Australia) and at Coober Pedy (South Australia), and consulted on many projects in the Pacific region. Our team designs and installs technology that significantly reduces diesel use and produces up to 100 per cent renewable energy use. To give real-world understanding to your project, contact our team that specialises in energy storage, diesel flywheel use, dynamic resistor use, and real-time demand-side management.


We're the right provider for communities and businesses looking to cut costs, embrace sustainability, and improve system security and reliability. We're the leading integrators of wind, solar and battery technologies. Our technology solutions are tried and tested, with proven results. Our services include advisory and renewable energy plans, feasibility studies and concept designs, installation, commissioning and initial operation, operator training, remote operation and system support, and turnkey EPC delivery.

Integration solutions

Our solutions are developed, tested and deployed on our own remote power systems. We have strong experience at integrating a wide range of renewable generation sources with a wide variety of enabling technologies. Our hybrid solutions are designed as utility-grade power systems, typically with peak loads of more than 250 kilowatts, up to multi-megawatt systems. Our solutions are ideal for remote and island communities, mining and industry settings, and embedded networks.

Real time energy dashboards 

Our approach is complimented by web and smart phone based operator and customer portals allowing real-time remote monitoring and visibility of your power system. You can see in real time the renewable energy contribution from wind and solar and the enabling technologies that improve system security and reliability, such as battery, dynamic resister, flywheel and demand side management.

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