Looking for a spot to pitch your tent? Our campgrounds nestled amongst beautiful lakes and lagoons are perfect for your next adventure.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly campground with toilets and campfires, settle in at Edgar Dam Campground in the South-West, Arthur’s Lake Campground in the Central Highlands, or Lake Burbury Darwin Dam Campground on the West-Coast.

If you’re towing a caravan, the best spots are Penstock Lagoon and Wayatinah Lagoon Caravan Park (not managed by Hydro Tasmania).

Remember to stay safe when camping in the wilderness and respect the natural environment around you. Pay attention to signage and warnings, including any fire restrictions on the Tasmanian Fire Service website, as some activities like campfires are not permitted at every site. If you want to enjoy swimming, paddling or boating on our lakes and lagoons, check our lake levels first to plan your perfect getaway.

Information on all campgrounds and recreational sites are available on our recreational sites map.


Dog-friendly camping in Tasmania

Your four-legged friend is as much a member of the family as everyone else. That’s why we’ve designated a large number of our sites as ‘dog-friendly’. Check out some of our favourites here.

101 on pitching a tent

If you’re packing the camping gear into the boot of the car this holiday season there’s a good chance you’ll come across some of the camping and recreation sites we manage. To help you get the most out of your camping experience, we asked a couple of our engineers to apply their knowledge of dam building to pitching a tent!

Boost wellbeing in the great outdoors

Visit our recreation sites for a hike or a weekend of paddling, boating, fishing, and camping this weekend. It's guaranteed to boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

Game of drones - photographing scenery and our dams

Discover what hides within Tasmania's wilderness - going the distance does have its rewards.