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Success stories

Hydro Tasmania owns and operates hybrid energy systems, which means we bring real-world understanding to your project. We've successfully delivered national and international projects to improve the quality of supply and reduce diesel dependence in remote areas.

We design and implement hybrid power systems that produce up to 100% renewable energy. We specialise in integrating renewable energy and enabling technologies to provide reliable and secure supply.

We can design, install, commission, operate and maintain hybrid energy power systems, and we're experienced in delivering 100% renewable energy with energy storage, diesel flywheel, dynamic resistor, and real-time aggregated demand-side management. Learn more about our technology here >

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King Island

See world-first delivery of 100% instantaneous renewable energy penetration in a megawatt scale, off grid power system.

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Flinders Island

Find out more about rapidly deploying battery, flywheel, switchgear, resistor and hybrid energy control systems.

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Coober Pedy

This secure and reliable diesel-free operation is lowering costs of energy in remote mining areas and can operate with 100% renewable generation.

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Rottnest Island

Our Hybrid Energy control system integrates solar, wind, low-load diesels with industrial demand side management of the desalination plant.

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Pacific Islands

Hydro Tasmania has also had many roles in the Pacific over the years. This has been primarily as a consultant and adviser for power systems and renewable energy. Our experience includes:

Rarotonga 100% renewable energy implementation planning (Te Aponga Uira, Cook Islands)
IRENA: Renewable energy options and power system modelling
Maui Electric Company: Renewable energy roadmap
Cook Islands
Cook Islands Government: Owner’s Engineer for Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Pitcairn Island Investigation into wind-diesel hybrid system for Department for International Development (UK)
Yap Renewable Energy Development Project design and supervision for ADB
Fiji Power system studies for FEA
Norfolk Island System configuration investigation
Samoa Renewable energy roadmap development

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