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Wind power

Our first wind farm, Huxley Hill, was built on King Island in Bass Strait in 1998.

This was followed by wind farms on Flinders Island and then around Tasmania.


Huxley Hill Wind Farm

The Huxley Hill wind farm is owned and operated by Hydro Tasmania. It was the second commercial wind farm in Australia. The wind farm started generating in 1998, initially with three turbines. In 2003, an additional two, larger turbines were commissioned.

Find out more about the role of wind in the integrated renewable power development on King Island.

Date commissioned 1998
Generating capacity 750 kW
Number of turbines 3
Type of turbines Nordex N26
Date commissioned 2003
Generating capacity 1.7 MW
Number of turbines 2
Type of turbines Vestas V52 

Flinders Island Wind Farm

Flinders Island has relied on diesel fuel for electricity, which was supplied by the 3 MW power station, serving 6.7 GWh of annual customer demand, peaking at 1.3 MW.

We developed the Flinders Island “Hybrid Energy Hub” with the support of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).  This system is capable of displacing 60% of the annual diesel fuel used to generate electricity on Flinders Island and is capable of 100% renewable energy generation.

Find out more about the role of wind in the integrated renewable power development on Flinders Island.

Date commissioned 2017
Generating capacity 900 kW
Number of turbines 1
Type of turbines Enercon E44

Woolnorth Wind Farm Pty Ltd

The Musselroe, Studland Bay and Bluff Point wind farms are operated under a joint venture we have with Shenhua Clean Energy (SCE). The joint venture is known as Woolnorth Wind Farm Holding Pty Ltd. SCE owns a 75% share in the wind farms, and we have 25%.

Musselroe Wind Farm

The Musselroe Wind Farm has 56 wind turbines with a generating capacity of 168 MW. This is Tasmania’s largest wind farm, which we built in 2013.
Date commissioned 2013
Generating capacity 168 MW
Number of turbines 56
Type of turbines Vestas
V90 - 3 MW
Musselroe Wind Farm_Aerial view of Musselroe
Musselroe Wind Farm_Tower construction
Musselroe Wind Farm_Local schools visiting Musselroe

Bluff Point Wind Farm

We built the 65 MW Bluff Point Wind Farm in two stages: stage one in August 2002 and stage two in June 2004. Stage one consisted of six Vestas 1.75 MW turbines, stage two expanded the wind farm with a further 31 turbines.
Date commissioned 2002-2004
Generating capacity 65 MW
Number of turbines 37
Type of turbines Vestas V66 - 1.75 MW
Bluff Point Wind Farm_Visitor centre
Bluff Point Wind Farm_Tower construction
Bluff Point Wind Farm_Stairs to enter the turbine

Studland Bay Wind Farm

This project was built by Roaring 40s, a joint venture between Hydro Tasmania and the CLP Group.
Date commissioned 2007
Generating capacity 75 MW
Number of turbines 25
Type of turbines Vestas V90 - 3 MW
Studland Bay Wind Farm
Studland Bay Wind Farm_Wind turbine in lovely weather
Studland Bay Wind Farm_View out the top of the Nacelle