Enjoy boating, paddling, fishing, water-skiing and camping in spectacular wilderness when you visit our land and waterways.

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Some of Tasmania’s most beautiful locations are awaiting your visit. We manage them to give you a great time. Be safe, respect the environment, and find out the ground rules here.

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Looking for the perfect fishing, camping, kayaking, canoeing, boating, water skiing, or bushwalking spot? You’re spoiled for choice in Tasmania. Check out our special search map.


We manage more than 50 lakes and lagoons, including some very popular fishing waters. We work hard to protect fish stocks and water quality, as well as improving boating facilities.

Waddamana Power Station Heritage Site

Hydropower lifted Tasmania into the industrial age. See how a vision became reality in 1916 when you tour through our first power station.

Highlands Power Trail

Journey along the Highlands Power Trail, stopping at key sites to learn about the extraordinary challenges workers faced to build Tasmania’s first power scheme.

Power station tours

Our annual open days give you the chance to experience a tour through a working power station, and get a close-up look at Tasmania's clean energy history and future.

Other visitor sites

Tasmania’s story is a Hydro story; a story of creating power for people. We have a compelling history of resilience and ingenuity that lives on in the sites and technology we’ve created. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, take a journey and discover the fascinating story of our hydropower sites and other visitor attractions around this beautiful island.

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