Alerts for visitors

+Recreational site closures in the Upper Pieman and Central Highlands regions

CLOSED due to Tasmania's bush fire alert conditions:

  • Lake Augusta boat ramp
  • Lake Pieman Reece Dam lookouts
  • Lake Pieman boat ramp
  • Penstock Lagoon boat ramp and campground
  • Penstock Lagoon Ladys Walk campground

Published: 23 January 2019
Updated: 15 February 2019

+Lake Pedder - Aircraft activity

To support firefighting activity, aircraft are using Lake Pedder to access water. For your safety it is advised that boating activities remain within approx. 400 metres of the lake shore. Visit Parks & Wildlife Service  or Tasmania Fire Service to keep updated.

Published: 18 January 2019

+Scotts Peak Road, Edgar and Scotts Peak boat ramps are closed until further notice
+Tumbledown Creek bridge, Arthurs Lake

If you are intending to go to Arthurs Lake please note that Tumbledown Creek bridge which allows access to Little Lake and Gunns Lake is currently closed due to its deteriorating structural condition. This timber bridge was originally built nearly 15 years ago to provide access to transmission lines and has been left in place to allow recreational users access to Little Lake and Gunns Lake.

Unfortunately, the bridge will be closed over the Christmas period and into the mid-summer months. We advise that no traffic uses the timber bridge.

It’s estimated that high clearance vehicles can pass through the ford when Arthurs Lake water level is more than 1.8m below full supply level, however it will be up to individuals to assess whether conditions are appropriate to allow safe fording. You can find up to date information on the lake levels page.

We thank you for your patience and if you have any question please contact Anna Blake

Published: August 2018
Updated: December 2018

+Devils Gate Power Station refurbishment, Lake Barrington

From 29 October 2018 and continuing into August 2019, we will be carrying out upgrades on the Devils Gate Power Station.

The Devils Gate viewing platform will be closed to the general public for the duration of this project. There will also be increased traffic on Devils Gate Road and surrounding areas with possible short delays due to traffic management.

Devils Gate Dam will be on spill for the duration of this project and this may result in slightly increased water levels at Lake Barrington, after an initial lowering of water levels.

Published: 28 October 2018

New exclusion zone buoys have been installed at Devils Gate dam on Lake Barrington ahead of the power station upgrades.

For your own safety and the safety of our people, please obey all exclusion zone signs and buoys.

Published: 02 October 2018

+Fire safety in campgrounds

Campfires are not permitted at our campgrounds unless otherwise stated at the individual site. To help reduce the risk of bush fires you must ensure fires are contained and never left unattended. Please use fuel stoves where possible. 

Additional restrictions to campfires or fuel stoves may apply in times of fire permit periods and total fire bans, and you should refer to the Tasmanian Fire Service website for further information.

Published: 20 December 2018

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