Residential connections


Step 1: choosing a solar system

You should buy a system from a reliable installer.

  • Find out who’s responsible for fixing any faults, understand the warranty and ask about after sales service.
  • Speak to other people who have used this solar installer.

You will need an accredited solar designer to make sure the system meets the needs of your site. The designer should be accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

The designer should visit your home to check roof structure and other site specific issues such as shading. Ask your designer to talk you through the basics and to show you photos of other installations they have worked on.

Step 2: connection application

Your installer (who may also be the designer) will complete a solar application form with details about your new solar design and send it to us. We will assess your application to make sure it meets the technical standards and requirements, which can take up to 10 business days. We will send confirmation as soon as your application is approved.

View the residential solar application form.

Step 3: connection agreement

After we have approved your residential solar application form you will receive a connection agreement and information pack. Please sign the connection agreement and return it to

Step 4: installation of your solar

Once installed, your solar installer will submit Electrical Works Request (EWR) and Certificate of Electrical Compliance (CEC) documentation to Hydro Tasmania.

Once we have your signed connection agreement, EWR and CEC documents, we will schedule work to fit a digital import-export meter at your premises.

This may only take a few working days, but during extreme weather events or outages it may take longer. Your solar energy system starts working as soon as the meter is installed.

More information

A guide to solar energy and a list of accredited installers is available from the Clean Energy Council website.

View a list of frequently asked questions, the residential solar application form and a residential solar checklist in the solar information pack (777 KB PDF).