Remote, beautiful waterways and wild brown trout ensure Tasmania offers some of the world’s finest inland fishing.

Fishing with Hydro Tasmania, image Phil Ellerton

Recreational fishing

Fishing is a popular recreational pastime in Tasmania, with approximately 25,000 anglers currently licensed to fish Tasmania’s inland waters. Some of the state’s most popular freshwater fishing spots include lakes that were developed for hydropower generation, with many anglers frequenting Tasmania’s central highlands to take advantage of world class trout waters.

Variable natural inflows and power generation can change the level of lakes and flow of rivers, and this can affect your fishing plans. Check lake levels and water flows to get all the information you need to safely get out on water managed by Hydro Tasmania.

Also view our recreational sites map to see where there are boat ramps and other facilities at rivers and lakes around the state.

We work with the Inland Fisheries Service to maintain a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that supports and improves recreational angling in Tasmania and helps protect native fish stocks and water quality.

The MOU sets targets for desirable water levels for eight key lakes and lagoons managed by Hydro Tasmania: Bronte Lagoon, Laughing Jack Lagoon, Penstock Lagoon, Arthurs Lake, Woods Lake, Little Pine Lagoon, Shannon Lagoon and Lake Augusta.

We also support recreational angling by developing and maintaining boating facilities in partnership with Marine and Safety Tasmania and the Inland Fisheries Service.

We want you to stay safe and enjoy your fishing.

Image courtesy of Phil Ellerton

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