Tamar Valley Power Station

Gas generation

In the winter of 1967 in Tasmania water storages fell drastically low. With the prospect of continued drought, we constructed the Bell Bay Power Station in northern Tasmania.

This oil-fired thermal power station was commissioned between 1971 and 1974 and was converted to gas fired station in 2003. It was decommissioned in 2009.

Tamar Valley Power Station

The Tamar Valley Power Station, adjacent to Bell Bay Power Station, was commissioned by Aurora Energy. We acquired the station in June 2013. The 386 MW station consists of 208 MW of Combined Cycle Gas generation (CCGT) and 178 MW of Open Cycle Gas generation (OCGT). 

The Tamar Valley Power Station is subject to an Annual Environmental Review (AER), which ensures compliance with the station’s Environmental Protection Notice (EPN).

View the latest Annual Environmental Review (11 MB).
Date commissioned 2009
Generating capacity 386 MW
Number of turbines 5
Type of turbines Combined Cycle Gas generation
Open Cycle Gas generation
Tamar Valley Power Station_Under construction
Tamar Valley Power Station_The prominent cooling tower