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Hydro Tasmania seeks to contribute strongly to the Tasmanian community and economy.

Regulated prices

Hydro Tasmania has an obligation to produce the Tasmanian Wholesale Regulated Prices using the legislated methodology in the Wholesale Contract Regulatory Instrument and complemented by the Electricity Wholesale Contract Guideline, both of which are available on the website of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator

To contract with Hydro Tasmanian under the regulated process, you need to meet the requirements of the Instrument and the Guideline. Your application must be prepared using the appropriate template. Hydro Tasmania reserves the right to reject applications that are inconsistent with the template. An example template will help you prepare your application.

Please see below for this week's regulated offer prices and volumes.
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Regulated Prices

Updated at 10:44AM on 17 May 2022

To review historical Tasmanian wholesale regulated prices, traffic lights, minimum offer, and end of quarter yield forecasts click here.

Wholesale Price Calculation

To calculate the regulated weekly offer contract prices, as defined in the 'Electricity Wholesale Contract Guideline', you can use the wholesale pricing calculation tool.

This model is current for the Wholesale Contract Regulatory Instrument dated 30 November 2017 and audited in January 2018. 

Non-regulated prices

Non-regulated contract prices are offered to authorised counterparties that have agreed to Hydro Tasmania's Terms and Conditions.

Rate Card

Updated at 9:36AM on 11 May 2022


Historical data for the period 1/1/2000 – 31/12/2012 for Hydro Tasmania’s non-major storage levels (GWh) and Hydro Yield (GWh) can be found in the model file.  Data for periods 1/1/2008 onwards can be found in:

Energy Storage - Historical Data


  • Forecast yield for the current quarter can be found in the regulated prices file.
  • The models are provided as a one-off and are not supported by, nor updated with input data by Hydro Tasmania on an ongoing basis.
  • Hydro Tasmania will publish an update to the model should there be changes to the Wholesale Contract Regulatory Instrument which affect the calculations.

More information

For more information please contact the Wholesale Transactions team:

Email icon-dark     HTWholesale.EnergyTransactions@hydro.com.au

Please email your nominations to the above address.