We are committed to providing a safe and reliable supply of energy across the Bass Strait islands. We proudly generate energy using world-leading technology at our power stations on King and Flinders islands. The retailing function is performed under contract by Momentum Energy, which is 100% owned by Hydro Tasmania.

Power outages

We occasionally need to switch off the power supply to give our people safe access to poles and wires. Unless it's an emergency, we'll always give you at least four days' written notice. Storms, fallen trees, wildlife and accidents will occasionally cause unplanned black-outs. We always aim to restore power as quickly as possible. For outage information, or to report an outage or fault, contact our 24-hour call centre on 132 004.


Please help our readers get clear and safe access to your meter box by keeping dogs restrained, ensuring the box isn't blocked by plants or equipment, and moving your box if new fences or building changes make it inaccessible. If we can’t access your meter, we'll estimate your energy use instead. Please don't let trees and shrubs touch power lines. No-one is allowed to work within three metres of power lines without our written authorisation.


Hydro Tasmania generates, distributes and retails electricity on the Bass Strait islands. The retailing function is performed under contract by Momentum Energy, which is 100% owned by Hydro Tasmania. For all billing and connection enquiries, please call Momentum Energy on 1300 662 778, between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday (except on public holidays).


To establish a new connection, you'll need to provide Hydro Tasmania with the technical specifications of your new connection. We'll visit your site to work out the complexity, time requirement and cost of connection. New connections up to 25kVA have a fixed base cost. We will send you a Letter of Offer showing the amount your new connection will cost. Once the connection offer is agreed, a private electrical contractor can perform the connection. Once completed, you'll need to create an account with Momentum.


We welcome household solar installation, but it’s important to use an accredited installer and understand our connection process. You should buy a system from a reliable installer, and find out who’s responsible for servicing and repairs. You’ll also need a solar designer (accredited by the Clean Energy Council) to visit your site and ensure the system meets its needs. Your installer (who may also be the designer) will need to follow an application and connection process with Hydro Tasmania.

Contractor information

The Bass Strait islands are the only place where customers can engage electrical contractors to work on our distribution network. Contractors must hold a current Tasmanian Electrical Contractor’s License, and need to provide us with completed Tasmanian Electrical Works Request (EWR) and Certificate of Electrical Compliance (CEC) forms as soon as the work is finished. This is particularly important for solar connections. If a contractor doesn’t submit the forms straight away, their customer may lose their Connection Agreement or Connection and Power Purchase Agreement.

Contact information

Billing, connections and all general enquiries

Contact Momentum Energy on 1300 662 778, between 8.00am and 7.00pm Monday to Friday AEST (except on public holidays).  

Generation or distribution enquiries

Contact Hydro Tasmania on 1300 360 441, between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday AEST (except on public holidays).

To report a faults or a power outage

Please note that Momentum Energy and Hydro Tasmania do not have a dedicated 24-hour call centre service so we rely on TasNetworks to receive emergency and fault information on our behalf. Contact the TasNetworks 24-hour call centre on 132 004.

For emergencies call 000