Health, Safety and Environmental Management

This page is for use by Hydro Tasmania staff and contractors to obtain key information regarding the management of health, safety and environmental issues when working for Hydro Tasmania.

Our work sites are varied and include office buildings, power stations, dams, canals, roads, green-field construction sites and remote monitoring sites all with very different risks. As such, the requirement for training increases relative to the risk associated with the work.

Read our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy to find out more about our commitment to safety in our work sites.

The Health Safety and Environmental Management system scope applies to the Hydro Tasmania group, including;

Hydro Tasmania

  • The design, construction, operation and maintenance of electricity generation and distribution facilities including power stations.
  • The ecological monitoring and management of lakes and associated land and waterways.
  • Management of associated roads, buildings and other activities associated with electrical generation.
  • Operations of attractions which may include museums, visitors centres and displays.
  • Operation and maintenance of the Cambridge Workshop.

Momentum Energy

  • Provision of retail electricity and sale of energy products for all jurisdictions for which Momentum Energy is licensed to retail electricity, provision of retail natural gas to Victorian Customers.


  • Engineering and environmental consulting services for power, energy and water activities including strategy, planning, design and construction through to operation, maintenance, risk management and training.

The scope includes the identification, management and influence of environmental external and internal issues. The identification and management of environmental aspects and health and safety hazards, that can impact business activities, stakeholders, communities and in particular areas of environmental sensitivity. Identifying, understanding and responding to the needs and expectations of interested parties such as stakeholders. Fulfillment of identified compliance obligations including identified stakeholder needs and health, safety and environmental legal and other requirements. Continual environmental health and safety performance improvement through monitoring, review and implementation of controls.


The information provided in this web page, including the documents listed are not a definitive guide to Hydro Tasmania’s Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management requirements or HSE management system. The most recent version of HSE documentation should always be consulted for accurate information on HSE management requirements. Contractors should be aware of the HSE management requirements outlined in their contract with Hydro Tasmania and always discuss their HSE management requirements with the Hydro Tasmania Contract Manager before arriving on site or commencing any work for Hydro Tasmania.

HSE documents

The HSE management system is based on international standards for safety and environmental management, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 respectively.  As such the processes and documents are organised under the continuous improvement model of PlanDoCheckAct.  The list below includes key documents relating to Hydro Tasmania’s Health, Safety and Environmental Management.  These documents are updated and maintained by Hydro Tasmania’s WHS and HSE Team.

01 Our commitment to safety, wellbeing and environment

09 Assets and Operations

12 Emergency preparedness

20 How we provide induction and training

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