We rely on water to generate electricity, but we also manage this shared resource to balance the need for irrigation, town water supply, aquaculture, recreation, aesthetics, and biodiversity.

Water releases

We try to accommodate all uses of the water that we manage, where we can, and where it does not adversely impact hydro-generation activities.

We receive between 150 and 200 water level and flow requests every year and we can normally accommodate around 80% of them.
Cataract Gorge_Paddling_Sept 2018

Different types of recreational water users

We currently arrange for specific lake levels for rowers, paddlers and anglers; and for construction projects.

Specific flows on rivers are requested by paddlers / kayakers / rafters for leisure, training and competitions. No flow or low flow is requested for in river works and construction projects.

Woolmer Bridge Replacement
Woolmers Bridge replacement project, Macquarie River.

Your safety

Any person requesting a water release is responsible for assessing if the desired water flow is appropriate for the intended activity or use and undertakes such at their own risk.

Hydro Tasmania reserves the right to cancel a water release at any time due to safety or other operational reasons and has no liability for any impacts or loss incurred as a result.

How to make a request for a special water release or lake level

Special requests for river flows or lake levels can be made by completing the form below.

Make sure you include your name and contact information, purpose of the water release, number of people involved, dates and times / duration, location and water level / flow desired.

Special request for recreational water release

Requestor contact details

Request details

Purpose of water release or water level request

Terms and conditions

Your request will be subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • Hydro Tasmania will endeavour to advise the requestor of potential risks and dependencies that may mean the water release request cannot be met as soon as they are known.
  • Hydro Tasmania reserves the right to cancel any confirmed controlled water release at any time prior to it commencing due to safety or other operational reasons. The requestor acknowledges that Hydro Tasmania cannot and hereby does not make any guarantee as to the availability of the river or lake level flows which may be requested.
  • The requestor acknowledges that Hydro Tasmania has not made any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the suitability of any confirmed water release, level or site conditions for the intended use. The requestor agrees and acknowledges that it will undertake the use at its own risk and has relied solely on its own assessments and analysis and has obtained professional advice where necessary. The requestor also acknowledges that it has the appropriate expertise, skill and resources to undertake the intended use safely and in compliance with any applicable laws and standards.
  • To the extent permitted by law, Hydro Tasmania excludes all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from a use or activity undertaken or proposed to be undertaken in connection with a water release request
  • Specific Call-in and Call-out procedures, where applicable, will be advised when a water release is confirmed.
  • A request may be subject to additional site specific conditions.
  • Application is also subject to Hydro Tasmania's water use terms and conditions.

By selecting Submit, you agree to adhere by the above terms and conditions.
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