Providing water releases from our lakes to rivers is part of our contribution to the Tasmanian community.

We are proud to support the activities of anyone that loves to enjoy time on our rivers, lakes and lagoons. Being responsible for our water resources also includes balancing fun activities with what is required for shared infrastructure, generating electricity, irrigation, town water supply, aquaculture, aesthetics and biodiversity.
Cataract Gorge_Paddling_Sept 2018

Your safety

River flows and lake levels can change quickly. This can be because of rain and operational hydropower needs. Due to this, we cannot provide guarantees or predictions about lake levels or flows.

We have two sets of terms and conditions, one regarding the use of our published water information and a second specifically to water release requests.

Before setting out, it is important to read both pieces of information, as well as checking out the water flow and levels for the area you are visiting so you can plan your trip accordingly.

We reserve the right to cancel a water release at any time due to safety or other operational reasons and has no liability for any impacts or loss incurred as a result.

Managing different types of recreational water use

We receive requests for water releases at a variety of sites across Tasmania for many different recreational purposes.

For example, specific flows on rivers can be requested by paddlers / kayakers / rafters for leisure, training and competitions. Whereas, no flow or low flow can be requested for in-river works and construction projects.

Check out our upcoming water releases here.

Woolmer Bridge Replacement
Woolmers Bridge replacement project, Macquarie River.