Pieman schematic


Our newest power stations are on the west coast of Tasmania.

The first stage in this catchment was the Pieman River development, which was completed in 1987 and uses water from the Pieman River and two major lakes – Mackintosh and Murchison.

The second stage, the Anthony development, was completed in 1994. It diverts water from the Anthony and surrounding rivers to Lake Murchison. This water is used in Tribute Power Station before flowing to Lake Murchison. It can then be used again in the three stations in the Pieman scheme.

Tribute Power Station

Tribute is the only power station in the Anthony development. It is underground and uses water from a variety of rivers which have been diverted for use in the power station. Water flows to Lake Plimsoll and on to Lake Murchison to be used in the Pieman power stations.

Date commissioned 1994
Generating capacity 92 MW
Number of turbines 1
Type of turbines Francis hydropower
Tribute Power Station_Inside
Tribute Power Station_Anthony Dam and Lake Plimsoll
Tribute Power Station_Anthony Dam

Mackintosh Power Station

The station is located at the foot of the Mackintosh Dam on Lake Mackintosh. The water then runs to Lake Rosebery and Bastyan Power Station.

Date commissioned 1982
Generating capacity 89 MW
Number of turbines 1
Type of turbines Francis hydropower
Mackintosh Power Station
Mackintosh Power Station_Mackintosh Dam
Mackintosh Power Station_Under construction in 1979
Mackintosh Power Station_The structure coming together

Bastyan Power Station

Similarly to Mackintosh, the Bastyan Power Station is located at the foot of the Bastyan Dam on Lake Rosebery. Water continues to run to Lake Pieman and the Reece Power Station.
Date commissioned 1983
Generating capacity 81 MW
Number of turbines 1
Type of turbines Francis hydropower
Bastyan Power Station
Bastyan Power Station_Downstream of the power station
Bastyan Power Station_Drilling of the diversion tunnel circa 1980
Bastyan Power Station_Construction of the intake structure

Reece Power Station

The last power station before the water runs out to the Southern Ocean, Reece Power Station is located at the foot of the Reece Dam on Lake Pieman. The dam and power station are named after the Honourable Eric Reece who was the Premier of Tasmania (1958–69 and 1972–75) and a great supporter of the Hydro-Electric Commission.

Date commissioned 1986-87
Generating capacity 244 MW
Number of turbines 2
Type of turbines Francis hydropower
Reece Power Station_Downstream from the power station
Reece Power Station_A view of the power station from the top of the dam
Reece Power Station_Aerial view of the power station, dam and spillway
Reece Power Station_The spillway