Changing water levels can affect anglers, farmers and other water users of Hydro Tasmania managed waterways. We want to help by providing notification of significant changes to water levels, following a dam release, spill or during low flows. When our remote sensors identify a change, we can send you a notification via SMS, text-to-speech phone call or email.

The alerts are currently available in the lower Derwent Valley, with our other waterways being added in the future.

Infographic showing the different types of ways people who use waterways managed by Hydro Tasmania can receive alerts

Why is it important to know about sudden changes in water levels?

Water levels change all the time, based on normal operations within our power stations. Water levels can impact landowners or water users in different ways:

  • Irrigators can monitor their equipment so it does not end up underwater, or avoid their pumps 'running dry'.
  • Paddlers may want to take advantage of higher flows.
  • Anglers, an increase in water levels may block access to their favourite fishing spot.
These water alerts are for landowner management and recreation only and do not replace flood alerts or emergency information from the Bureau of MeteorologyTasmania Police or the State Emergency Service.
Alerts that can be sent to mobile devices

How do I receive water alerts?

When our remote sensors register a significant change in water levels, an alert is sent to subscribers within the hour. Registered users can choose to receive an SMS, text-to-speech call or email. These alerts will only be sent in the case of an unusual water level change or something outside of our normal operations.

Registration icon

How can I register?

You can register on our water alerts page and subscribe to a range of different water levels, depending on your requirements and location.