It’s the most precious resource on earth. We manage a complex hydropower system across Tasmania to generate clean energy from water. More than 14 000 gigalitres of water flows through our powerstations, making us Australia’s largest water manager.

Lake levels

Planning a boating or fishing trip? Decisions to make? Be safe, and make the most of your trip by getting up-to-date information here on 40 different waterways.

Water flow levels

The information every thrill-seeking canoeist and kayaker needs. Tasmania can be paradise, but river flows and levels can change rapidly. So know the facts and be careful.


We love rain! But some folks aren't so keen. Our gauges around Tasmania offer detailed local information. Please check the Bureau of Meteorology website for flood warnings.

Water map

Click here to view lake levels, water flow levels and rainfall using our interactive water map.

Water map

Welcome to your water map

The interactive map below gives you all the information you need to get out on water managed by Hydro Tasmania.

Use the Legend to choose what information you would like to see on the map, then click on a marker to identify a site and access further details. You can also use the Search icon to find specific sites.

Water management

Our hydropower system uses water from six major river catchments. We manage the water according to strong guidelines.

We use system modelling, including current and historical water level and flow data, to set long-term storage targets. We use that modelling to manage changing inflows - balancing the risk of shortfall against the risk of spill.
We provide water to support other users, including irrigators, at prices designed only to recover costs.
Water releases

Water releases

We rely on water to generate electricity, but we also manage this shared resource to balance the need for irrigation, town water supply, aquaculture, recreation, aesthetics, and biodiversity.

We look to accommodate complementary use of the water that we manage, where it’s appropriate to do so, and where it does not adversely impact on hydro-generation activities. Special requests for river flows or lake levels can be made by contacting
Make sure you include your name and contact information, purpose of the water release, number of people involved, dates and times / duration, location and water level / flow desired.

Energy in storage

current gwh Energy in Storage
current % of Full Storage Energy

As at 13/08/2018.
Updated first working day of each week.

Energy storage

This shows our estimate of the amount of energy we can produce from the water stored in our lake and river systems.
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Energy storage - historical data

This shows the changes in storage levels over time.
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