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We're the leading integrators of wind, solar and battery technologies in Australia, and build to the highest quality. Our technology solutions are tried and tested, with proven results.

Because we own and operate our own utility-grade hybrid off-grid power systems, we understand the challenges you face in reducing costs, improving system reliability and security, while providing a more sustainable power system. 

For a closer look at our results, see the case studies in our success stories


Our approach

We implement renewable energy solutions that meet your long-term performance objectives. Hydro Tasmania offers proprietary integration technology combined with market-sourced equipment to provide an optimised hybrid renewable energy solution. 

Rather than just supplying equipment, we develop integrated hybrid solutions, designed for long term efficient and cost-effective operation.  The key to our integration solution is our fully-automated hybrid control system that achieves safe, stable and reliable performance under all operating conditions, from 100% diesel generation to 100% renewable generation. The control system communicates across standard industry protocols with renewable and diesel generation sources (each with their own industry standard unit controllers) and with the enabling technologies, such as batteries, to optimise system performance while maintaining system stability.

Our services

We offer a range of services, from advice to turnkey delivery, including operation and maintenance support.

Alternatively, subject to negotiating suitable arrangements, we can be engaged as an independent power producer. 

Advisory and renewable energy plans  
 Feasibility studies and concept designs 
 Owner’s engineer role 
 Detailed designs, technical specification and procurement 
 Installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning and initial operation 
 Operator training 
 Remote operation and system support 
 Turnkey EPC delivery

Our team

Our core Hybrid Energy Solutions team consists of 11 highly experienced members who are solely focused and committed to developing and implementing world leading hybrid energy solutions. Our team consists of control  engineers, renewable energy engineers, electrical design engineers, project and delivery managers and commissioning engineers. 

Outside of this dedicated team we have access to more than 300 in-house engineers and skilled service providers to ensure that the people delivering your solution are the best there is.  

A key part of our service delivery is our end-to-end approach. From the detailed design phase to construction and commissioning, a member of our team will oversee every aspect to make sure your needs are met and that your risk is heavily reduced.  

Please contact us today to find out how we can help implement your hybrid energy solution.  

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