Hydro Heroes

Our Hydro Heroes represent STEM subjects as their passion and career choice. Encourage your students to understand how science, technology, engineering and maths is used in a real world context through our Hydro Heroes.

Who do they identify with?

Do they share the same aspirations?

Explore each hero and their respective passions and skills below.

Pelton Pete

Pelton Pete's parents caught him taking apart the lawnmower. At first, they were upset. Then Pete put it back together and it worked even better. Then they let him take apart the toaster and the vacuum cleaner. Today, he can design and build machines from scratch. Pelton Pete is a mechanical engineer. His interests are in maths and science.

Solve-IT Sam

Solve-IT Sam was playing a video game one night and found it boring. She took a coding course and decided to make a better game. She became a whiz and now enjoys using technology to solve all kinds of problems. Solve-IT Sam is a computer scientist. She enjoys maths and computers.

Expert Eddie

Expert Eddie rescued an injured echidna from the side of a busy track while bushwalking. He nursed it back to health. Now he studies and protects plants, animals, and the wilderness. Expert Eddie is an environmental biologist. He loves science.

Energy Eliza

Energy Eliza was curious when the electricity went out in her house. She asked so many questions her parents bought her a book about energy. Then lots of books. Now she devotes herself to finding the most efficient and environmentally sustainable ways to generate electricity. Energy Eliza is an electrical engineer. She is fascinated by maths and science.