Hybrid power system controller

HYD HES icons 82px x 82px_Hybrid Control System

Hybrid power systems controllers coordinate and dispatch both renewable and non-renewable  generation. The controllers manage enabling technologies automatically, creating reliable power and saving diesel fuel. 

Key benefits
  • Proven 100% renewable operation

  • Remote monitoring, alarming, logging and reporting

  • Feeder management system: including configurable under frequency load shedding

  • Utility grade SCADA platform

  • Modular system upgradeable for future expansion

  • Demand-side management module

  • Configurable local and remote HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Predictive forecasting and optimisation of renewable energy and enabler dispatching

  • Utility grade control system in use and supported by Australian utilities around Australia. Proven integration compatibility with a wide range of industry standard equipment and protocols, including:

    • Enabling technologies: battery energy storage systems, flywheels, dynamic resistors and demand-side management.

    • Renewable generation: wind and solar (distributed and centralised)

    • Diesel generation: wide range of industry standard generator controllers