Great Lake Schematic

yingina / Great Lake

yingina/ Great Lake was the first source of water for Hydro Tasmania. A private company started construction on Waddamana in 1910, but the project struck financial trouble. In 1914 the Tasmanian Government bought the partly built works and formed the Hydro-Electric Department to take over. In 1916 power generation began.

You can visit the Waddamana Power Station museum in the Tasmanian central highlands.

Poatina Power Station

The station is underground on the northern side of yingina / Great Lake.

When Waddmana Power Station was decommissioned, Poatina replaced it in the broader power system. Poatina is ideally located, making use of a steep drop from yingina / Great Lake down the face of the Great Western Tiers. Water that passes through Poatina is subsequently used to generate energy at Trevallyn Power Station.

Date commissioned 1966-77
Generating capacity 363 MW
Number of turbines 6
Type of turbines Pelton hydropower

Poatina Power Station_Entrance of the power station
Poatina Power Station_Vehicle access to the underground power station
Poatina Power Station_The steep drop along the face of the Great Western Tiers
Poatina Power Station_yingina_Great Lake with Poatina intake structure on the lake's edge

Tods Corner Power Station

Arthurs Lake was created to increase the water available at yingina / Great Lake. Water is pumped from Arthurs Lake 140 metres up to yingina / Great Lake.

This means more energy can be generated from water in yingina / Great Lake via the large Poatina Power Station, and then Trevallyn Power Station.

Before the water reaches yingina / Great Lake, it passes through Tods Corner Power Station to generate a small amount of energy.

Date commissioned 1966
Generating capacity 1.6 MW
Number of turbines 1
Type of turbines Francis hydropower

Tods Corner Power Station_yingina Great Lake in the background
Tods Corner Power Station_The final section of the pipeline leading to the power station
Tods Corner Power Station_The canal carrying water from Arthurs Lake to the power station

Trevallyn Power Station

Trevallyn was the first power station built outside of the central highlands. It is 5 kilometres away from the centre of Launceston, in northern Tasmania. Lake Trevallyn has very little storage, so the power station makes use of the daily flow.

Date commissioned 1955
Generating capacity 102.8 MW
Number of turbines 4
Type of turbines Francis hydropower

Trevallyn Power Station
Trevallyn Power Station_Inside
Trevallyn Power Station_Trevallyn Dam under construction
Trevallyn Power Station_Trevallyn Dam which forms Lake Trevallyn