As champions of renewable energy, we seek a clean, healthy and sustainable future for Tasmania and Australia. As custodians of 60% of Tasmania’s freshwater resources and significant hydropower infrastructure, we're committed to reducing our environmental and social impacts wherever we can.

Environmental management

Environmental protection and research is a core part of our business. We employ and work with environmental experts to research and manage threatened species, environmental flows, fish migration, and the general health of our waterways. Our water licence gives us stewardship of six Tasmanian water catchments, making us the largest freshwater manager in Australia. We monitor river and lake levels, water quality, and biological data to support our research and help keep Tasmanians informed.

Protecting threatened species

We manage water bodies and waterways that provide essential habitat for various threatened species listed at federal and state levels. We work to minimise our impacts on these threatened species and to effectively manage the aquatic environment for future generations. Research into galaxiid fish species in Arthurs Lake and yingina / Great Lake has shed new light on the four threatened fish species that inhabit those waters.

Conserving cultural heritage

From the construction of Australia’s first large-scale hydropower scheme in the early 1900s, we’ve been shaping communities. We manage the heritage values of our operational assets and heritage sites which tell an important story about the cultural values and industrial developments of their time. Valuing and conserving heritage includes respecting the places under our custodianship that are important to Aboriginal Tasmanians. We collaborate with these original owners to ensure their heritage is protected.

Building climate resilience

As Australia's largest generator of renewable energy, we make a major contribution to reducing the nation's carbon pollution. We are adapting to the impacts of climate change on the natural and built assets we manage. We are also working with leading research organisations, including the CSIRO and the Antarctic and Climate Ecosystems CRC, to reduce our vulnerability to potential changes in rainfall, temperature and wind caused by a changing climate.

Environmental collaboration

We collaborate and build strong partnerships with many other organisations, research bodies and universities across Australia to work towards the best scientific and environmental outcomes. Through our partnerships we also strive for transparency and open communication with all who use or have interests in the resources we manage.