Hydro Tasmania has been a major part of the Tasmanian community for 100 years, read more about our history here. We believe in playing an active part in the community both through philanthropy and by providing access to the magnificent assets that we manage.

We provide financial and hands on support to a range of community organisations through our Community Program, and support our employees to assist organisations in their local communities. Find out more >

Our sponsorships and partnerships also work to support our community; see our current sponsorships and guidelines for organisations looking for sponsorship >

We work with the Tasmanian community to share and enjoy the assets that Hydro Tasmania manages, including land, water and cultural heritage. You can read our recreation principles to find out more about how we facilitate recreation at our sites. 

Get out and see where we operate

A major part of our community involvement in years gone by has been associated with our construction work in remote areas. Hydro villages were the base for local communities and where life-long friendships were formed.

Let Hydro Tasmania be your tour guide of Tasmania and visit the hydro sites here >

You can get a glimpse of how life in the early 1900s looked like at the Waddamana Power Station Museum >

If you want to experience Tasmania's wildside, visit south-west Tasmania and Pedder Wilderness Lodge >

Feel the power of the roaring forties and the cleanest air in the world with Woolnorth tours >