Hydro system improvement

The Battery of the Nation is specifically looking at two projects that will improve and optimise our existing hydropower generation. These are the Tarraleah Power Scheme and Gordon Power Station.

Tarraleah Power Scheme

The iconic Tarraleah Power Station is over 80 years old.

We are assessing options for redesigning the Tarraleah Power Scheme that could boost production by up to 200 gigawatt hours (GWh) each year, and extend the station’s operating life by 80 years. 

Our assessment will take into consideration what role the station could play in an energy supply system that is very different to what we have now.

The outcome will be a redevelopment option which will then move into feasibility studies.

Gordon Power Station

This station is our largest. To maintain environmental flows to the Gordon River, we are currently running an existing large turbine at low load, which is not efficient.

We are looking at a solution to more efficiently generate power from the environmental water flow released to the Gordon River.

We expect to make an announcement on a final investment decision in early 2018.

Strathgordon power station

Improving the hydropower system

In addition to these two projects, we are completing major refurbishment and upgrade works around the state that support our plan to become the Battery of the Nation.

Asset upgrades will also be vital to boosting generation and efficiency.

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