Update on Energy Supply Plan

7 March 2016

An update on the Energy Supply Plan was provided on 7 March by the Energy Minister Matthew Groom and Hydro Tasmania.

Key points:

  • The Government and Hydro Tasmania are doing everything necessary to maintain energy security. The Energy Supply Plan outlines the circumstances Tasmania currently faces, low rainfall and the ongoing Basslink outage, and the actions that are being taken to manage the situation.
  • Moderate rainfall has resulted in positive inflows in the North-West catchments, slowing the draw on these storages.
  • Week starting 7 March, diesel generation will begin to come online, with prioritised sites at Catagunya Power Station, George Town sub-station and Meadowbank Power Station.
  • Hydro Tasmania and TEMCO have negotiated an arrangement under which TEMCO will further reduce load. This was a voluntary reduction from TEMCO and does not impact on permanent jobs or the long-term viability of the business.
  • The return to service of the Trent Unit for the Tamar Valley Power Station has been delayed around two to three weeks.


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