Energy supply situation and response

Energy supply situation and response

From Spring 2015 until late Autumn 2016, Tasmania faced an unprecedented set of circumstances.

Record low rainfall between September 2015 and April 2016, combined with an extended outage of the Basslink interconnector, resulted in severe pressure on Tasmania’s hydro storages.

Hydro Tasmania responded to this challenge with a range of contingencies under the Energy Supply Plan, which allowed us to effectively manage the situation and minimise adverse impact on the Tasmanian community.

We restored the full capacity of the gas units at the Tamar Valley Power Station. We negotiated voluntary commercial load reductions in cooperation with major industrial users (which have now restored full production).

The Basslink interconnector returned to service on Monday 13 June after almost six months out of action.

We also encourage you to visit Aurora Energy’s website to view hints and tips on easy ways to save energy at home and in your daily activities.