Energy supply update

14 February 2016

An update on the energy situation was provided on 15 February by Energy Minister Matthew Groom. 


Key points:

The updated water storage level for this week is 17.3 per cent, down from 18.3 per cent a week ago.

A number of contingencies are being activated, including:

  • installing 100MW of containerised diesel generation to be able to generate by the end of March, with six generators already in the State and a further 18 in Melbourne awaiting shipment;
  • securing an additional 100MW of containerised diesel generation to be installed by the end of April; and
  • an additional 75 MW of gas fired generation will be in place at the Tamar Valley Power Station by the end of the March/early April.


More information about the energy supply situation and Hydro Tasmania's response is available here.

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