Water price information

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s largest water manager. While providing clean, secure and affordable hydropower is our main focus, we also take pride in supporting other water users and considering their needs.

We transfer water rights to irrigators and other social and commercial operators, including extra water at times when we can not use it.

Users pay Hydro Tasmania a fee for some water transfers. That fee is based on the revenue Hydro Tasmania would have earned (i.e. foregone revenue) if the water had been used to generate hydropower, and is re-calculated annually based on market factors.

For this new water year (commencing 1 April 2017), instead of using the Victorian electricity market prices, the average Tasmanian Regulated electricity prices are being used as the input to the water fee calculation and a 5 year averaging approach is being applied to annual prices. The use of the regulated price incorporates the approach taken recently by Hydro Tasmania to mitigate price shock for the electricity sector and the 5 year average smooths prices year on year.

These prices only apply to long-term water transfer agreements. The fee for one-off or short term agreements is calculated using the prevailing electricity price.

Please note: all water transfers are subject to any additional terms and conditions that might be required by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE).

Details showing the unadjusted prices and how the average pricing methodology is applied to achieve the current water prices can be seen here.

For full details on pricing see the water price table for 2017/18 season, download our How water prices are calculated fact sheet or contact us.

Hydro Tasmania water price for the 2017/18 season

Reservoir or river Generation forgone
Annual price per ML
(July 2017 - June 2018)
Arthurs Lake 1.8969  $222.78*
 yingina / Great Lake 2.2278 $170.24 
Ex Poatina or South Esk  0.2794 $21.35
Parangana (via mini) 0.7950 $60.75
Cluny Lagoon 0.1072 $9.05
Lake Meadowbank 0.0675 $8.19 **
Lake Paloona 0.0731 $8.49 **
Minimum fee
$8.19 per ML
Updated 2 June 2017

5-year rolling average does not apply to schemes that have energy market exposure through mini-hydro schemes (for example the Midlands Irrigation Scheme). These schemes are able to offset changes in electricity prices via the revenues they earn by operating their own mini-hydro power station.

** Water fee floor price.


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