Further update on Basslink arrangements

16 February 2022

On 10 February 2022 Hydro Tasmania terminated the Basslink Services Agreement with Basslink Pty Ltd (BPL).

Concurrent with that termination, Hydro Tasmania made an offer to BPL’s receivers for an interim arrangement under which the key elements of the BSA would be put back in place for one month whilst the parties discuss possible alternative arrangements.

The receivers have declined Hydro Tasmania’s offer. Hydro Tasmania remains willing to discuss with receivers an alternative commercial arrangement that would provide funding during the receivership and help transition the asset to an alternative commercial model.

As there is no longer a contract in place between Hydro Tasmania and BPL in relation to inter-regional revenues or bidding of the link, Hydro Tasmania no longer has the ability to issue bidding instructions to BPL.

Hydro Tasmania expects the cable will remain in service.



Released for Hydro Tasmania by Cassandra Leigh / 0409 722 359 / media@hydro.com.au


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