Hydro Tasmania welcomes strong backing for Marinus Link

10 December 2021

Hydro Tasmania welcomes the release of the draft 2022 Integrated System Plan (ISP) which has confirmed the importance of Marinus Link to unlocking Tasmania’s dispatchable energy capacity and long duration storage opportunities, now identifying it as an “actionable project”.

Acting CEO Ian Brooksbank said that the new 1500MW Marinus Link interconnector is a critical enabler of the Battery of the Nation. He welcomed the Australia Energy Market Operator’s recognition of Marinus Link as providing ‘improved access to Tasmania’s dispatchable capacity (including deep storages) and high quality variable renewable energy (VRE) opportunities, helping reduce the scale of investment needed on the mainland.’

“It is very pleasing to see AEMO confirm that progressing Marinus Link as early as possible is still the correct course of action to optimise benefits for consumers.

Battery of the Nation and Marinus Link can support the nation’s transition to a clean energy future. Tasmania can provide cost-effective, dispatchable, highly flexible renewable energy, backed by long duration hydropower storage capacity,” Mr Brooksbank said.

“Together these projects will deliver benefits to Tasmania, including locking in our island’s energy security, giving Tasmanians the lowest possible power prices and delivering much needed jobs and economic investment to regional parts of the state.

The Tasmanian and Australian Governments continue to show strong support for Tasmania’s opportunity and progress negotiations on the mechanisms to support the hydropower upgrade and pumped hydro opportunities that form the Battery of the Nation.

Mr Brooksbank said that the first 750MW Marinus Link cable will unlock flexibility in our existing hydropower portfolio to provide firming products to support a transitioning market. It also opens up potential for capacity upgrades in the existing asset fleet including the Tarraleah hydropower scheme.

“The second cable creates the opportunity for us to develop our first Tasmanian pumped hydro project which is a 750MW, 20-hour deep storage opportunity at Lake Cethana. Cethana can provide the cost competitive deep storage that will be required for reliable electricity supplies into the future with greater penetrations of variable renewable energy in the grid.

“Cethana is just one of number of potential pumped hydro opportunities. Having a portfolio of opportunities places Hydro Tasmania in a great place to respond to the future capacity and storage needs of the NEM.”



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