Bass Strait islands keep on truckin'

28 November 2021

Hydro Tasmania is meeting increased demand for new connections on King and Flinders islands by investing $1.3 million on two new crane trucks, which will arrive on the islands this Christmas.

The new crane trucks feature a custom design and build specific to Hydro Tasmania’s role on the Bass Strait islands, where it is responsible for energy generation, distribution and billing from end-to-end.

Executive GM Assets and Infrastructure Jesse Clark said the investment would help Hydro Tasmania to keep up with the demand for new connections and upgrades.

“Our ground-breaking Bass Strait Island hybrid energy systems have combined solar, wind and storage technologies to significantly reduce the islands’ use of diesel generation in recent years, and this energy is supporting growth and change on the islands in tourism, mining and agriculture, as business owners upgrade their properties to bring in best practice standards.”

King Island Production Supervisor Peter Kempster said new equipment was fitted to the Isuzu vehicles interstate, then brought to Webster Trucks in Hobart where the vehicles were further customised for their rigorous workload on the islands.

“This design is safer, more powerful and more efficient, which is important because we expect these trucks are going to be used every week for at least the next 10 years,” Mr Kempster said.

“As well as all the new connection work, both islands had most of their poles and wires installed in the mid-‘80s and as those assets age we’re now seeing a wave of upgrades to keep everything in working order.”





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