Considering the future of Repulse Bailey bridge

27 June 2021

The Bailey bridge on Lake Repulse Road is undergoing maintenance as Hydro Tasmania calls for public comment about the bridge’s future.

Built in the 1960s for the Repulse Power Station’s construction, the existing Hydro Tasmania-managed bridge was originally intended to be a temporary structure and is no longer safe for use by large vehicles. Hydro Tasmania is considering options for future use.

The bridge was closed to vehicle traffic in June 2020, although foot traffic, horses and bicycles have had continued access since then.

Travel between Ouse and Dawson Road, on the western shore of Lake Repulse, is still possible via Ellendale Road, with approximately 20 minutes added to that journey.

Hydro Tasmania’s Manager Engagement Programs, Sarah Metcalf, explained that the bridge’s sign-posted load limit had also been reduced to 3.5 tonnes, with locked boom gates installed at each end.

“The boom gates were a necessary safety precaution to prevent heavy or loaded vehicles from trying to cross,” Ms Metcalf explained. “We want to ensure the public is kept safe.”

“The assessment of our engineers is that a replacement bridge would cost approximately $1.5 - $2 million, and given this significant cost our preference at this time is not to completely replace the bridge.

“This would mean the existing bridge remains in place for walking, horse riding and cycling, but not for vehicles. We want to hear from local residents to better understand how not reopening it to vehicles would affect the community.

“We’re a major contributor to the Tasmanian economy, so our investment decisions have to be prudent but we also want to meet the expectations of the Tasmanian community wherever possible.”

Hydro Tasmania has begun discussions with local stakeholders, including councils, landowners and emergency services to inform its decision-making.

Meanwhile, scheduled maintenance on the bridge will keep it in use with current weight restrictions and closure to vehicles (and continued access to foot traffic, horses and bicycles).

If you would like to provide your input or find out more, you can contact Hydro Tasmania on or call 0436 328 586.



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