Agfest 2021 a first for Hydro Tasmania

4 May 2021

Hydro Tasmania has pulled on the gumboots to welcome visitors to our first ever Agfest tent which is full of activities for kids and adults, including an interactive augmented reality experience.

Hydro Tasmania Engagement Manager Dr Sarah Metcalf said planning for the business to make its Agfest debut in 2020 was put on hold due to the pandemic, but had finally paid off.

“We’ve been really looking forward to our first Agfest,” Dr Metcalf said. “Hydro Tasmania is a big part of our state’s daily life and history, whether you’re in the city or the country, and we’ve always wanted to make our contribution to Agfest a little bit special.”

“As Australia’s largest generator of clean energy and its biggest water manager, and one of the state’s key land managers, our activities affect every Tasmanian, whether they’re irrigators, anglers, kayakers, visiting our campsites and dams, or anyone using our clean energy!

“People often have questions about our business or how hydropower works, especially with our planning to make Tasmania the Battery of the Nation, which is why we’ve developed an interactive augmented reality experience so people can learn how this pumped hydro project will work.

“The kids will learn about clean energy by watching a turbine in action then building their own, plus there’s a colourful mural and videos that show how we look after the animals living on our land and in our waterways.

“For the adults, our tent will seem like a lush green environment that offers a break from the bustle of Agfest, but with plenty to see and do, including a chance to test your strength by seeing how much energy you can generate on one of our pedal-powered light-up bikes.”

Hydro Tasmania can be found at tent site 230, Second Avenue.




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