Hydro Tasmania to consider options for Hobart premises

17 February 2021

Hydro Tasmania will be considering the needs of its future workforce as it begins exploring the Hobart property market for accommodation options.

Hydro Tasmania is seeking proposals that will ensure the business’s future needs can be met either within its existing Elizabeth St premises or in a newly leased, purchased or built property elsewhere in Hobart.

Hydro Tasmania CEO Evangelista Albertini said a potential need for a review of options had become apparent during planning for the return of the Elizabeth Street workforce into the office.

“After our people began working from home due to COVID-19, we took the opportunity to review the way we work, while also delivering the essential changes needed to keep people safe,” Mr Albertini said.

“This is a long-term process with many factors to consider as we seek to create an office environment that supports our people to do their best.

“It’s particularly important that any changes we make to our office accommodation represent good value for the people of Tasmania, as we continue to deliver a reliable supply of renewable energy and good returns for the state.”



Released for Hydro Tasmania by Trent Swindells / 0409 722 359 / media@hydro.com.au.


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