Coronavirus recovery program helps bring Christmas cheer

1 December 2020

Hydro Tasmania has launched a new $18,000 partnership with No Frills Foodmarket to provide both sustenance and a little Christmas cheer to those in need, as one in a series of initiatives that have provided more than  $281,000 for coronavirus relief this year.

Through this partnership, five not-for-profit Tasmanian charities will be given regular donations of food, which is being purchased by Hydro Tasmania at a significant discount thanks to No Frills Foodmarket.

The five charities are Loaves & Fishes, Grans Van, Hobart Women’s Shelter, Strike It Out and Loui’s Van, which is using the donation to provide an early Christmas dinner to clients at the Brighton Civic Centre today.

CEO Evangelista Albertini said that since the pandemic hit Hydro Tasmania had been looking for different ways to help the community.

“We are owned by and here for the people of Tasmania,” Mr Albertini said, “We want to share our success with as many Tasmanians as possible.”

“So we’ve been working on a coronavirus recovery plan that supports different sectors, including the tourism, hospitality, community, cultural, youth and education sectors, and provided more than $281,000 in relief so far this year through a combination of grants, partnerships, programs and donations, with more to come.”

“In developing our recovery plan, we learned that regular scheduled donations to food charities would enable them to plan ahead, especially for the Christmas season, and provide the best possible service to Tasmanians in need.”



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