Investors see untapped potential for Tasmanian 'green hydrogen'

10 December 2019

The Tasmanian Government’s release of a prospectus to international investors in the global energy industry explains Tasmania’s unique potential to become a leading supplier of clean, secure and affordable hydrogen.

The Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Prospectus has been released today by the Office of the Coordinator General at the Tasmanian Energy Symposium in China, with Hydro Tasmania in attendance to support the initiative.

Tasmania’s competitive advantage in the emerging hydrogen industry was outlined last month with the release of  Hydro Tasmania’s white paper, Tasmania’s ‘green hydrogen opportunity – what makes Tasmania a unique, green hydrogen zone?

CEO of Hydro Tasmania, Steve Davy, said the white paper had already attracted plenty of interest.

“The key to Tasmania’s potential is our ability to produce low-cost, emission-free hydrogen, powered by the state’s renewable energy, which makes us attractive for countries looking to meet their emission reduction targets.

“Our analysis shows that hydrogen can be produced in Tasmania for approximately 10-15 per cent less than other Australian power grids needing to offset emissions, and 20-30 per cent less than from dedicated off-grid renewables, due to the high plant utilisation that can be supported by Tasmania’s hydropower.

“There would be flow-on benefits for all Tasmanians too, as a hydrogen industry would create jobs and develop local expertise that can be exported.

“As Australia’s largest generator of clean energy, it is only appropriate that Hydro Tasmania be attending the Tasmanian Energy Symposium event in China, as a part of our ongoing efforts to capitalise our state’s clear advantages and expertise.”


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