Positive Marinus Link business case welcomed

5 December 2019

Hydro Tasmania welcomes the release of TasNetworks’ latest assessment of a new Bass Strait interconnector.

Hydro Tasmania Chief Executive Officer Steve Davy welcomed the positive business case findings for a 1500 MW Marinus Link, saying Hydro Tasmania stands ready to respond to the needs of the market.

“More interconnection will unlock Tasmania’s full renewable energy potential, providing clean, reliable and affordable energy to support a resilient future energy market, Mr Davy said.

“Early development of strategic interconnection such as Marinus Link would cost-effectively increase the resilience of the power system to coal-fired generation closing earlier than expected.”

Mr Davy said that Battery of the Nation represents one of the most reliable and cost-competitive solutions for meeting Australia’s future energy needs. 

“We have more than 400 MW of existing available hydro capacity and ample opportunities, both in optimising our existing asset base and in our highly competitive pumped hydro development options. In particular, our existing and potential long duration (deep) storages allow us flexibility in optimising our assets and operations to best meet future market requirements.

“We have the sort of long duration storage the future electricity market will need as it transitions to greater penetration of variable renewable sources.

“This pipeline of future projects brings significant optionality and flexibility, as these opportunities can be developed in stages as the electricity market transforms.

“Hydro Tasmania will continue to work with TasNetworks and the Federal and Tasmanian Governments to identify options that maximise the value of any interconnector investment and ensure best outcomes for Tasmanians and customers in the broader national electricity market.

“I also wish to acknowledge ARENA, who have supported the Battery of the Nation initiative to get to this point,” Mr Davy said.



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