Basslink to return to service two weeks early

26 September 2019

Hydro Tasmania’s energy security remains unaffected by the four-week Basslink outage.

The CEO of Hydro Tasmania, Steve Davy, welcomed the interconnector’s expected return to service ahead of schedule.

“The outage has not been ideal but, with storages at a very healthy level on the back of good winter inflows, there has been no energy security concern for Tasmania,” Mr Davy said.

“Basslink is an important part of Tasmania’s suite of energy options. But we also have a world-class hydropower system that’s served Tasmanians well for more than a century. It’s supported by excellent wind power resources.

“Hydro Tasmania’s storages stood at 45.5 per cent on the day the outage started (24 August), and were at 47.5 per cent on Monday. This is an extremely secure level and comfortably exceeds the levels the Government established to ensure energy security in Tasmania,” Mr Davy said.


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