Basslink offline until mid-October

27 August 2019

Hydro Tasmania has been advised by Basslink Pty Ltd that the Basslink interconnector could be offline until mid-October while repair work is undertaken.

Hydro Tasmania’s Acting Chief Operations Officer, Jesse Clark, said Tasmania has ample on-island resources to manage the situation. We have a world-class hydropower system that’s served Tasmanians well for more than a century, excellent wind power resources and the ability to run gas-fired generation if required.

“While the news that Basslink could be offline until mid-October is not ideal, it won’t cause any energy security concern for Tasmania.

“On the back of good winter inflows Hydro Tasmania’s storages are at a very healthy level of 45.5 per cent, which is well above the High Reliability Level,” he said.


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The High Reliability Level (HRL), as the name suggests, is a level where we have high reliability of energy supply - even with very dry weather AND a six month Basslink outage, we would still have enough energy in storage to meet Tasmania's needs.

As at Monday 26 August 2019

High Reliability Level – 28%

Total Energy in Storage – 45.5%

The Tasmanian Economic Regulator (TER) releases a monthly dashboard assessing Tasmania's energy security. These reports are available on the TER website -


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