Here's to 100 years of engineers

15 February 2019

Engineers have made a huge contribution to Tasmania’s history and will continue to play a crucial role in the State’s future growth and development.

Hydro Tasmania CEO Steve Davy said it was only right for this to be recognised with today’s launch of Engineers Australia centenary celebrations at Trevallyn Power Station in Launceston.

“The role of engineers, both past and present, should be celebrated by our community,” Mr Davy said.

“They have helped make Tasmania what it is today and will be front and centre of meeting the challenges and developing the opportunities for our State over the next 100 years.”

Mr Davy said engineers helped build the State’s hydro-electric system with Hydro Tasmania recognised as the nation’s largest generator of clean, renewable energy. Hydro Tasmania celebrated its centenary in 2014.

Engineers would be at the forefront of Tasmania achieving its ambition to become the renewable energy Battery of the Nation.

“Battery of the Nation is about locking in our island’s energy security and giving Tasmanians the lowest possible power prices. It offers a future that’s clean, reliable and affordable,” Mr Davy said.

“It’s designed to serve and support our communities, and will involve opportunities and contributions from right across the renewable energy sector.

“Our modelling shows Battery of the Nation would create billions of dollars of investment and thousands of jobs in regional Tasmania. Many of these will be engineers, making it a career of choice for many young Tasmanians in the coming years.

“I congratulate Engineers Australia for taking the initiative to recognise and celebrate the centenary and look forward to continuing our strong working relationship for the next 100 years.”



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