Collaborating on climate

13 November 2018

Hydro Tasmania is proud to be partnering with the Tasmanian Climate Change Office to host the inaugural Tasmanian Climate Symposium.

This event, being held in Hobart today, will bring together key decision makers in government and industry with Tasmanian researchers to share learnings and work collaboratively to translate climate research into better policy and practice.

Hydro Tasmania CEO Steve Davy said understanding climate trends and impacts was crucial for Tasmania.

“We’re proud to be Australia’s leading clean energy business and largest generator of renewable energy,” Mr Davy said.

“We rely on water to generate electricity, so being able to accurately forecast rainfall is very important for managing our storages.

“Three years ago we experienced the driest spring on record which, coupled with an unprecedented Basslink outage, led to the energy security challenge.

“We’ve learned from that experience. We now know that spring can be drier than previously predicted and we’ve taken steps to protect against extreme weather events and safeguard energy security.”

Tasmania has world-class researchers, scientists and forecasters who are exploring the impacts of climate change that are already evident. They will share their findings on emerging climate trends and their impacts on industry at today’s symposium.

This event aims to foster discussions on ways these researchers can work with industry and the government to inform better decision making.


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