Gas transportation secured

2 May 2018

Hydro Tasmania has welcomed an arbitrated outcome for ongoing gas transportation arrangements.

The arbitrator of the matter between Hydro Tasmania and Tasmanian Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd (TGP) has reached a determination. Hydro Tasmania has confirmed it will take up the commercial terms set down by the arbitrator.

The outcome secures ongoing access to the pipeline for the Tamar Valley Power Station and Hydro Tasmania’s wholesale gas customers for the next four years. Since 31 December 2017, interim arrangements have been in place for those customers, at the direction of the Arbitrator.

The CEO of Hydro Tasmania, Steve Davy, said the Arbitrator’s determination, and any subsequent commercial contracts, are confidential under the rules of arbitration.

“The arbitration has delivered a fair and reasonable deal for Tasmanians,” Mr Davy said.



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