Hydro Tasmania: A picture of our diversity

5 August 2015

Hydro Tasmania recognises the value of workplace diversity, and aims to provide an environment free of discrimination and harassment, a fair and equitable recruitment process and merit-based promotions, and a comprehensive remuneration framework that supports pay parity and flexible working conditions.

Hydro Tasmania’s CEO Steve Davy today joined a discussion panel in Hobart, Changing the landscape of gender equality, hosted by CEDA (the Committee for Economic Development of Australia).

“Hydro Tasmania is in the early stages of its diversity journey. This year, we have started a conversation across the business and started formalising our approach to acknowledging and managing diversity,” Mr Davy said.

“Our business aims to have a diverse workforce that reflects the diversity that exists among the customers we serve and in fact the wider community. We have an ambitious task ahead of us to truly embrace diversity. Initially, our focus is on gender diversity and cross-generational diversity.”

Among its 1000 employees, Hydro Tasmania has 41 nationalities, five generations (baby boomers to generation Z), and 30 per cent of employees are women.

Today’s CEDA forum drew attention to the role of women in the workforce and the role men and women can play in influencing workplace culture

“Our industry is traditionally male-dominated. As we look to increase female representation across the Hydro Tasmania group, we will pay particular attention to the root causes of female under-representation, such as in trades, engineering and leadership,” Mr Davy said.

“In practical terms this will involve looking at how to implement and promote flexible working arrangements, and educating managers about different thinking styles and unconscious bias.

“We want to cultivate diversity in our workforce to equip us with the flexibility we need.”


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