Fire impact on Hydro Tasmania assets

20 January 2016

Fire has damaged energy infrastructure in north-west Tasmania.

The fire in the Lake MacKenzie area has burned vegetation surrounding Fisher Power Station. Employees who were at the station performing maintenance were evacuated as the fire approached earlier this week.

A number of power poles and the transmission line have been damaged by fire between Fisher and Rowallan power stations, and between Fisher Power Station and Lake MacKenzie.

An aerial inspection occurred this morning and a ground crew is now going in to inspect damage at Fisher Power Station. The power station building appears to be intact, but the station is not currently operating.

Once the station has been inspected and declared safe the maintenance activities can be completed, and once transmission line is restored, the station will return to operation.

Hydro Tasmania is working closely with TasNetworks to inspect damaged assets and work on their return to service.



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