EPA decision on operation of temporary diesel generation

3 March 2016

Hydro Tasmania has welcomed today’s announcement by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) that it will allow the start of operation of temporary diesel generators at Catagunya Power Station.

Temporary diesel generation started arriving today at Catagunya in the Derwent Valley. The units are currently being installed and will have a combined output of 24 megawatts (MW). It’s expected the first generators will be commissioned early next week.

Installation of up to 200 MW of temporary diesel generation by the end of April is part of the Energy Supply Plan being implemented by Hydro Tasmania and the Tasmanian Government.

“The Energy Supply Plan outlines how we will be able to meet all Tasmanian energy demand without Basslink in operation, even in the event of a cool, dry May, and with allowance for an additional adverse event that would have an impact on energy generation, such as loss of a major power station,” said Mr Evangelista Albertini, Chief Operating Officer of Hydro Tasmania.

The decision announced today by the EPA allows that process to continue.

“Hydro Tasmania respects the integrity and independence of key statutory roles, and the support of agencies such as the EPA is invaluable as we manage this unprecedented and challenging situation,” said Mr Albertini.

“Hydro Tasmania continues to work constructively with the EPA to ensure that any issues arising from operation of temporary diesel generation are appropriately managed and mitigated.”


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A statement from the Environment Protection Authority is available on the EPA website.


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